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Kamis, 17 April 2014

What is blogwalking ?

Blogwalking originally consisted of two words as does the website ( and web site ) , but these words are often consolidated . Web site a website and blog walking into blogwalking . Blog root of the web log ( definitions can be buddies find themselves on wikipedia ) while walking mean streets . Roughly blogwalking are activities roads to many blogs in the sense of visiting blogs with a variety of reasons and purposes. In a previous blog moved to other blogs , so foes.

DAUNPOKER.NET AGEN POKER DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERBAIK TERBESAR DAN TERPERCAYA Some bloggers argue that the events visit the blog blogwalking is certain ( usually blog theme with a nice traffic ) and then leave a trail by storing signature moment to comment or save the link on the name of the author .Really blogwalking can increase your blog visitors ?Logically I think there's a point, if the activity is performed correctly according to the purpose of SEO is submitted several sources . When a blogger visited a blog then it write a comment with the link to save his blog comments on the content or the author comments, then indirectly it has invested backlink embed it in a blog visit . This method is expected that the search engines , especially Google gives special guest to be able to raise your sole risk .
Because the needs of SEO , a lot of bloggers who wrote his name with keywords when commenting . I personally think that the store link on the author with his own name would be more " humane " and more " friends " because for some cases, the store link in the comments with your keywords may confuse the blog author concerned and other visitors who want to take to respond to these comments . It seems quite fit if you need to say hello to the keywords ( not by name).
If written comments berkulitas enough , it is possible that the concerned author blogs , and other visitors will visit pengomentar blog by clicking the author 's name in the comments . That's the reason why blogwalking in this way to increase visitors. What is important is the content of these comments should be quality , not to write a comment that could damage the reputation of the blog and not to write comments " rubbish " . That's my opinion .
Mugkin buddies often noticed that currently there are many bloggers who do blogwalking just to keep backlinks to get the attention of the search engine Google . agen poker online texas poker yang terpercaya Among them there are even deliberately picky blog relevant , high pagerank air , and most importantly, he should be " dofollow " . This is my own lack of consensus because I think Google is not stupid , but a lot do now Google algorithm changes significan enough to make search engines index more humane . One of the examples , meta keywords are no longer considered to be able to break the attendance SEO search engines when you search with keywords (keyword) is .

Jumat, 04 April 2014

Catfish commonly found in public waters as wild fish.

Catfish commonly found in public waters as wild fish. Many captured in reservoirs, lakes, swamps, rivers, and waterways up to the paddy fields. In Indonesia, cork fish originally found only in the west line of Wallacea (Sumatra, Java, and Borneo). But in the course of time, fish introduced cork (included) to eastern Indonesia. In some areas through the flow of rivers such as in Sumatra and Kalimantan, catfish often brought flooding to the trenches around the Pembuatan Iklan Baris house, or into the maintenance of fish ponds and become pests that prey fish pet. If the rice fields, pond or ditch dries up, the fish will seek to move to another place, or if unavoidable, will bury themselves in the mud to place it back watery. Therefore, these fish often encountered "walk" on land, especially at night in summer looking for another place that still runny. Catfish can survive without water because it can absorb free oxygen breathing on a ventilator in the form of "maze". How to Control Fish Farming Fish Cork with Cork Usually these fish grabbing prey on the surface so that if it gets into another fish pond presence immediately known. The fish cork that will grab the prey usually silent around the water plant (making it invisible to prey) and suddenly hurtling directly toward their prey and swallow it. Large mouth allows for it. In the breeding season, male and female catfish cooperate prepare nests among the plants at the edge of the water. Children fish red orange black stripes, swim in groups working together to and fro in search of food. This young group is maintained by its parent. This is the best time to catch / expel the cork out of the pool. To prevent the entry of cork to the pool, at the time of processing, the pond should be completely dried up cracked so it does not allow the cork to survive. Let the bottom of the pool sun dried for a few days. At the inlet canal, mounted on the filter fibers are very tight so the seeds and eggs of cork does not go in the pool with the water flow. If there are fish in the pond already cork, should be immediately arrested. Population is usually not so much. Can use traditional cork fished with bait such as small fish, frogs or eating children. The fishing is quite unique way, namely by moving the bait on the surface of the water. Bait is usually struck cork moves as presumed prey. Corks are caught can be consumed because it tastes good and is a favorite food in some areas both in the form Jasa Pembuatan Iklan Baris of fresh or dried / salted. Even this fish is easy once obtained, can be bought in the market, even in the stalls around the dwelling. But if they know the origin of the fish. Of course not everyone know, including how to cultivation.

Sabtu, 29 Maret 2014

Clever raise morale and motivation

Clever raise morale and motivation Men are more interested in finding a woman who knows how to raise morale and motivate when he needs it.
14. Sophisticated Women are good at adjusting to the changing times but still perpetuate traits noble Islamic women and close the genitals.
15. Having a meaningful equation One day, Imam Malik was surprised to see the birds Pigeons and crows gather together. He spontaneously said, "Both are united though not the same kind". When the bird flew, he saw that both of them are still there similarities both defects. Then he said, "That is why the bird can be united".
16. Forgiving Women who like to precede AGEN JUDI POKER ONLINE, AGEN JUDI DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA  apologized although he is innocent, has peribadi superior and easy to love man.
17. Balanced Balanced in terms of association, religion, take care of yourself, and time management. Create Momod n Mimid permission to make a thread,,,,, this is the first thread ane,,,, please input,,,,, at the rate if necessary,,, as long as not in love brick aja,,, if that ijo2 dg gladly accepted
immediately wrote well,,, In this modern era that increasingly more difficult to find the figure of a girl who is a virgin ... ane here just to explain some characteristic features that still perwan Cewk viewed from the outside only physical shape gan,,,, ceki dot. ..
nich buath guy "please try jngan smpe miscast!! Hehe * ^ _ ^ * The characteristics of Virgin Girl
To see a girl is a virgin or not, agan not need to see it as the first night. There are some physical features in the body of a woman is a virgin. Want to know what characteristics?
1. Forehead
For women who are virgins will have a smooth and slippery forehead. And if not sacred anymore then it would appear that is not so visible twitch and vague. These characteristics help distinguish the twitch because usia.Kedutan because it was not a virgin, faintly visible and can be seen clearly when laughing or talking.
2. Eye.
The first feature we can see in his eyes. If the woman was not a virgin bottom eyelid folds and there is little sign of bruising (black) like a bruise. There are additional lines or wrinkles. Whereas if it is still holy eyes glow brightly.

Minggu, 23 Maret 2014

How to View Properties of Women ( girls ) of How to Sit

How to View Properties of Women ( girls ) of How to Sit

1 . When he's sitting pretty with the hand above the knee or above the thighs , then the nature of woman ( girl ) of How Sitting >> There are people who are beautiful , but not interesting .
Instead there are people who are not beautiful , but attractive

There were people everywhere awaited his presence . But there are also those , which his presence made ​​people uneasy or uncomfortable surroundings . Why is this so ?
But before getting to answer questions tersebut.ada helps us understand first , what is meant by an aura ?

Every living creature emits electromagnetic waves from its body . The set of energy that wraps the body of a living creature and is called " aura " .
So it's not just humans who have an aura , but all living beings , including animals and plants grow . Even herbalists in Tibet , can distinguish between plants that berkasiat for treatment or not , just by looking at her aura .HBCBET.COM Pasaran Taruhan Judi Bola Online terbaru di asia

But that is not biased and confusing conversation , let's kerucutkan our discussion only on the human aura alone .

The ability to see auras or know someone's personality by looking at his aura , is part of the ability of clairvoyance . The term " clairvoyance " is adopted from the French language . Clair ( British : Clear ) = clear . / Ronaldo = see . So the ability to see clearly , something that does not seem to " ordinary people " . This term can be translated as " pewaskitaan "
Aura is seen from the point of view of clairvoyance , consisting of various colors . Each color has its own meaning of its own . In other words, the aura of a person , expressing the character or condition of a person .

Senin, 17 Maret 2014

Marker installation: the aim to sustain the plants during fruiting

Marker installation: the aim to sustain the plants during fruiting, made of bamboo height: 125 cm width 4 cm, 2 cm thick. Plugged straight every 3 plants in a row. From marker to marker associated with bamboo as high as 80 cm from the surface tanah.Pemasangan performed after 1 month old plants after moving.
Perempelan: Is a discharge side shoots as shoot growth is not productive and will interfere with growth, performed at 7-20 day old chili, made by removing all side shoots and terminated when the branch formed (usually done 2-3 times). Next is the
Hotel Murah Di Jakarta  first flower of perempelan sidelines of the first branching. The goal is to stimulate the growth of shoots and branches that produce fruit on it
Fertilization aftershocks: Although pepper plant has been cultivated in total, but to enrich the prime pertumbuhanyang can be given additional fertilizer (sususlan), when the active phase of vegetative growth (leaves and shoots) Adala fertilizer leaf N content is high, for example Multimicro and Comlesal liquid. The interval between spraying fertilizer made 10-14 days, with a dose corresponding to spur growth labelnya.Untuk flowers and fruit, at the age of 50 days can be in the form of NPK fertilizer or mixed aftershocks ZA, Urea, TSP and KCL with a ratio of (1:1: 1:1) as + 4 tablespoons. How to pierce MPHP between 4 plants. The fertilizer incorporated into the soil and directly sprayed water to quickly dissolve. Fertilization is then performed if the chili crop growing conditions less satisfactory due to pest or disease at a dose of NPK as much as 4-5 kg ​​dissolved in 200 liters of water (1 drum) and then drained on each plant as many as 300-500 cc or dependent needs.
Perform 2 weeks. Hybrid pepper varieties generally could fruitful long enough, so it can be harvested 12-14 times. After each harvest should be given supplementary fertilizer to maintain his productivity. Type or a mixture of NPK fertilizer is ZA, Urea, TSP, KCl in the ratio 1: 1: 1: 1. In the plant growth conditions pretty good chili, supplementary fertilizer once a month is enough.
F. Control of Plant Pests and Diseases
Control of pests and plant diseases can be done by giving fungicide, insecticide by spraying regularly. Another effort is the possibility of weeds and weeding out routine and periodic monitoring of the plant, so that when the symptoms of pests and diseases can be resolved as early as possible.
G. Harvest and Postharvest
Curly red chili crop in the lowlands can already harvested the first time at the age of 70-75 days after planting. While the first harvesting time untSosok Java pepper (chili, Long Pepper, Indonesian Long Pepper, Piper longum, Piper retrofractum), similar to pepper (Piper nigrum), cubeb (Piper cubeba), and betel (Piper betle), because four of these plants is still the one genus. The genus piper itself consists of 1000 to 2000 species of plants, such as shrubs, herbs and climbers. Four species of piper was a climbing herb that grows in the ground, but the stem is attached to the stems of other plants with roots adhesion. After planting medium dipers
Inspirasi Kesetiaan bersama Cap Kaki Tiga
iap right, then we are ready to advance to the next stage.
At this stage, prepare the seed and water mixed with liquid fertilizer and / or hormones (see type Be-Natural Fertilizer products). The procedure is as follows:

Seeds soaked in a mixture of liquid fertilizer and hormones
Prepare or buy chili or vegetable seeds in seed sellers like Trubus. You can make their own seeds, for example, by buying a full ripe peppers, and sun-dried or dried seeds.
Take 1 cc Liquid fertilizers or hormones (tenth contents of the bottle cap), and mixed with 100 ml of water (could use a glass Aqua).
Soak the seeds are there in a Liquid Fertilizer mix with water for 1 hour earlier. Seeds that float are not used alias discarded because it is not good. Take the seeds sink. See the picture.
2 grain planting seeds into the hole that was created in the gutter. Seeds are more stunted growth revoked, so that larger seeds grow well. See pictures of how the seed is planted into a hole in the gutter.
chili seeds

In a period of 5 days is usually the first leaves of plants already issued. At this time, perform the following procedure:

When the plants put out leaves more than 2 sheets and strong enough, spray the leaves with a mixture of 8 cc + 2 cc Liquid Fertilizer Fertilizer Hormones with 1 liter of water. Use atomizer plant.
Spray with a mixture of Liquid Fertilizer and Fertilizer Hormones with this water every 5 days until the plants put out flowers. The best time is early morning spraying between the hours of 6 s / d 9 in the morning or late afternoon between the hours of 4 to 6 pm.
Spray Liquid Fertilizer and hormone mix it regularly (5 days) to issue a fruit crops, such as peppers, tomatoes, eggplant and others. Dipersering spraying frequency could be 2 or 3 times a day.
Here is a picture of a 5 day old pepper plants put out 2 pieces of leaf, pepper plants age of 2 weeks, 1 month, 2 months and when pepper plants put out fruit, and when the plants begin to mature and chili red. Pepper plants put out leaves of pepper plants Plant 2 weeks 1 month 2 months chilli plants Bandar Judi Poker Situs Poker Online TerpercayaHARVEST STAGE
Planting chili, Business CabeDalam existing examples, which we plant the seeds of chili or cayenne, then within a period of less than 3 months, had a lot of chili red and ready for harvest.

Sabtu, 15 Maret 2014

Secrets bring fruit out of season is only known by a few people .

Secrets bring fruit out of season is only known by a few people . Yet so many people who really want to know this technology , including you . Of the few people who knows the secret , only a small percentage who understands e AGEN JUDI CASINO ONLINE SBOBET 338A INDONESIA TERPERCAYA

xactly this technology and apply it appropriately . Many events after successfully engendered by dense trees , but then growth is languishing even death . This secret will share that fruit trees and planters that the "victim " can be reduced . Here's the "secret " is exposed .
Technology raises fruit out of season , called the technology off - season . The purpose of this technology is twofold , first is purely economic motives aimed at raising fruits commodity prices much higher than when the season - on- season . The second goal is more idealistic , the application of compliance policies food fruits available all year community order . Commodities fruits that have been proven successful in the application of technology is the off - season : longan , durian , mango , apple , orange and guava .
The purpose of the off - season application of technology first - motives - do economy is closely related to the characteristics of different products agobisnis commodities with other commodities . Agribusiness easily damaged products , bio - mass has a large , need a place for storage and transport a broad , diverse product results / multi grade ( Gumbira , 2001) . Where if you're on- the harvest season , fruits such as no costs , sold at very cheap prices . Being when not in season , fruit with the same quality and quantity sold for many times more expensive . No concrete examples on commodity mango , citrus and durian
Interesting phenomenon associated with the Food Quality Assurance ( Food Safety ) , occurs in the fruit business , for example when no se JUDI POKER, AGEN POKER, AGEN SITUS TARUHAN BANDAR JUDI POKER ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYAason or Ponkam Lokam orange with a very poor quality ( off - grade ) stay depleted invaded buyers . With fruit can be engendered throughout the season , the availability of pieces will be evenly distributed throughout the year by a considerable amount . So that consumers still obtain good quality fruit at reasonable prices .
For people who already know the technology off - season , this is a very interesting business opportunity . But often to get the maximum benefit of this technology is not applied wisely , especially if the implement is clan - pengijon traders , middlemen and contractors . One example of the application of technology that does not happen to many wise people of mango plantations in Apex, Ngawi , Situbondo , Probolinggo and Pasuruan . Where long before start of the mango season pengijon 've come to the farmers / growers of mango , mango they sign - mengijon higher than the usual market price , farmers absurdly happy , a great advantage in his mind .
Then after the deal , the pengijon applying plant growth regulators ( PGR ) , which stop the vegetative phase and raises the generative phase of flowers and fruit . Usually the PGR application will bear fruit mango fruit forward two months before the season is very dense and very fruitful . Pengijon big profits , because in addition to the price of mango many times , the quantity of production of mango too many times . Farmers argued that pengijon were lucky to arrive beja , Javanese language - because of natural grace . Farmers realized when after harvest mango trees are not grown dashed soon recovered and new shoots . Mango tree is increasingly miserable , leaves much to dry up, fall or curl , wrinkle and lop break easily ( brittle ) , weak plant resistance ( susceptible to pests and diseases ) , and the harvest often be because the tree is the last harvest eventually die .

SOCCERINDO AGEN BOLA ONLINE WORLD CUP 2014  Off - season variety of technologies .
Actually, at the time of our first champion - champion off - season technology has been applied , among others, but by mechanical means such as by way of :
1 . Slices : cut off the phloem vessels ( bark ) along the circular tree rings to look the xylem vessels ( wood ) .
2 . Pruning : Trim the leaves , branches and twigs , up or left a little bare tree leaves .
3 . Wounding : Traumatic phloem vessels with a sharp object . The form can with curry , chopping , slicing nailing or bark .
4 . Binding : Binds tightly to a tree with wire transport phloem vessels inhibited photosynthesis results .
5 . Stressing water : Not watering the plants until they reach the permanent wilting point , then suddenly did inundation root and stem to the water saturation within a certain time .
Fifth conventional technology off - season is , in principle, is to change the ratio of the elements carbon ( C ) and nitrogen ( N ) - C / N ratio in the plant body . The conventional way is to have a weakness that is not measurable . If you happen to fit the application , but if not yes successfully fit ya fail . In berbudidaya conventional way is not recommended , because it can not provide certainty in addition , can also result in physical damage and physiological tree .
( Read related article : How the C / N ratio Determining Flowering )
How current are measured and the most preferred is the use of agro - chemicals , the active ingredient in the form of plant growth regulators ( PGR ) . In principle this technology agro - chemical plant physiological change by inhibiting the v Forum terbesar di indonesiaegetative growth phase with the role of hormones or certain chemical compounds , so it appears the generative phase - flowers and fruit ( Superior Suroso , 2008) .
Plants that want to be engendered in the off-season must fulfill three important prerequisites , namely :

Healthy plants , with marked branching evenly , shiny dark green leaves and is not being attacked by pests or diseases .
Plants are old enough or have ever flowering . Flowering underage can lead to disruption of vegetative growth resulting posture plants become stunted and unhealthy .
More plants are not in the main phase of vegetative growth accelerated in the Java language called tight ( read e vowel as in the word : sword ) . Characterized by an absence : the growth of new shoots and leaves of plants ( dashed ) .
The application of PGR
Basically , each sub - plant families have different PGR , PGR although there can be a significant influence on some flowering plants. PGR is used to bring out of season flowers include: NAA , Auxin , Gibberelin , and Potassium Chlorate Paklobutrazol ( KCLO3 ) .
Sodium NAA ( Naphthyl Acetic Acid / Acetic Acid Naftali ) , is jens PGR that have utility in unison to encourage flowering plants. With a concentration of 5-10 ppm is sprayed onto the entire plant , especially the leaf stomata are proven to bring flowers .
Auxin specifically rarely traded with a particular trademark , because the price per miligramnya very expensive . Belong to the lab materials that can be found in stores chemicals . Auxin is used in small doses , parts per million ( ppm ) , serves to stimulate cell renewal , the formation of flowers and fruit , root growth in cuttings , extend the growin
Kursus SEO dan Internet Marketing Terbaik di Jakartag point and prevent the fall of the leaves and fruit .
Previous Gibberelin also includes material dipergunkan expensive laboratory and in small doses such as auxin , but is now widely sold in the market in the form of suspensions , with brands such as: ProGibb and Super Gib . If want Gibberelin can be obtained at the store of pure chemicals with GA3 or GA6 code . Gibberelin serves to make plants bloom before its time , making large fruit plants without seeds , make a plant so massive , accelerating the growth of seeds and buds and stimulate the activity of the cambium . Both auxin and gibberelin be particularly useful for seasonal crops such as peppers , melons , watermelons and pumpkins .
Paklobutrazol brand names in the market such Patrol , Cultar , Goldstar . PGR is working to stop the vegetative phase and accelerated phase generative . Overuse can lead , brittle stems and branches , leaves curl and vegetative growth may stop ( stagnant ) up to 3 years . Proven effective used on crops such as mango , apple , guava , citrus and durian .
Potassium Chlorate ( KCLO3 ) . Chemicals are still close relative with explosives used Amrozi . in the Bali bombing , in divided doses has been shown to raise interest . The success of flowering experiments conducted in Thailand , has now been used in mass for commodities litchi ( longan Dimocarpus ) and lychee ( Litchi chinensis ) .
In addition to PGR PGR - mentioned above , there are also products to bring off - season fruits that are presented in an integrated manner . The composition contains not only the PGR but also amino acids , macro elements with a certain ratio of NPK and micronutrients ( Mg , Mn , B , Zn ) that plants need during flowering and fruit filling . This was done to ensure the trees are engendered in the off-season will not lack the nutrient
Gudang303 Agen Bola Resmi Promo 100% SBOBET IBCBET Jelang Piala Dunia 2014s needed . Trade mark on the market there are various kinds of such , to produce litchi there Narin Formula originating from Thailand or Farmpion Champion Booster and made ​​in Malaysia , which can be found at farm stores like : Hortimart AgroCenter Bawen - Semarang and Trubus - Unggaran .

Rabu, 12 Maret 2014

2 days ago ka e ahau he īmēra e pā ana ki te on 100

2 days ago ka e ahau he īmēra e pā ana ki te on 100 taputapu Seo free e kua kohia e tetahi o aku ohaurunga moz.coAlfamart official partner merchandise FIFA piala dunia Brazil 2014  m paetukutuku . engari i te mea kei roto i te reo Pākehā tonu tenei , ae ra , no te mea i reira he kawenga , a ka ahau te whakarato tonu i te whai wāhitanga mō te ki a koutou katoa , me te tamata hoatu wāhi te wahi i te pai tino i nda :)
Fiefia i !100 Tools Seo FREE , kua ngana ! !
1 . Text Anchor Neke atu i te Tool Arotautanga
Link Research , Hangarau Seo
Māharahara e pā ana ki Penguin hātepe a Google , koe i patu hoki mo - papaitia kuputuhi punga ? Noa i roto i te pato i tou URL mo te pūrongo tonu o te hononga nei kia whakaara kara .
2 . Utauta Tohungatuku Bing
Tools Suite , Diagnostic
E rite ana i roto i te mahi ki Utauta Tohungatuku Google , tuku Bing he huinga taputapu rangahau ngā me ngā rauemi mō ngā webmasters .
3 . Bitly
Inspirasi Kesetiaan bersama Cap Kaki Tigam/
Social , te tātari
Whakamahi te nuinga o te iwi mo te Bitly URL shortening , engari i te kaha mau o tenei tūāpapa mai i ona tātaritanga .
4 . Boomerang
Email , hua
Ka taea Boomerang te whai koe ki runga ki te īmēra , ara ka wareware koe . Nui mō te hanga hono tetahi wa ka unga tangata ki a koutou he rota o īmēra ranei .
5 . papare
Arotau tohatoha pāpāho koutou pāpori ipurangi . Moka āhei ai koe ki faaite ki to koutou whakarongo i te wā tino pai mo te nui aritanga .
6 . BuiltWith
Intelligence whakataetae
Whakamahia te hangarau BuiltWith ki te kitea e te mea i , pai , hanga tata tetahi paetukutuku ki . Nui mō te maramarama whakataetae rite pai .
7 . Buzzstream Suite Tools
Link Building , Tools Suite , Email
E matau ana te nuinga o te iwi Buzzstream hei tūāpapa röpú , engari ratou whakahere ano hoki i te maha o ngā taputapu hono - hanga noa . Tenei ropu riro te reira .
8 . Tube Tapanga
Rauemi Free me te ngāwari e whakamahia ana ki te hanga ngā tapanga mō te YouTube . Āwhina ki te mämä o ngä kaimätakitaki me te tuku i te tuhinga pānui .
9 . CircleCount
Social , te tātari
Ramped tātaritanga Google ake . Cell rauemi wātea ki te aru me te tātari koutou hea aru . Na, te tini pipi kua riro ia koutou i runga i te wā . Bisnis Investasi Online Sebagai Lowongan Kerja, Dan Peluang Usaha Murah 10 . Ihirangi Rautaki Tool Generator
Ka āwhina tēnei taputapu whakamahere koe SEOgadget i tou rautaki ihirangi mohio , mā te whakamahi i to koutou rangahau , me te matua Estimating te nui o .
11 . Tahuri tuhinga Word ki te Whakapai HTML
Ihirangi , hua
Ahakoa te aranga o te Tuhinga Google , ngoi ana nui o te ao tonu Word . Kua tonu kua tārua me te whakapiri te taiapa , engari hanga tenei taputapu ngāwari te reira .
12 . Copyscape
Tavini Copyscape e rua , ano he kaitaki e tinihanga me te kaitaki tāruarua - ihirangi . Nui ki te whakamahi i te mea kua wehea koutou ihirangi puta noa i te tukutuku .
13 . Domain Hunter Plus
Building hononga
Tenei toronga magic hoki Matāmura kore anake āwhina kitea e koe ngā hononga pakaru nui , engari ano hoki Faaite koe ki te whakaatu i te hononga ki te rohe e wātea ana .
14 .
Infographics Bisnis Investasi Online Sebagai Lowongan Kerja, Dan Peluang Usaha MurahTaputapu Free hoki te hanga , me te faaiteraa i te inforgraphics . Ko te tauira tukua tetahi ki te waihanga i te whakairoiro ngaio - titiro .
15 . Email Format
Email , hua
Āwhina whakatakotoranga Īmēra kitea e koe i te anga tika no te mano o ngā kamupene me te whakahaere puta noa i te tukutuku .
16 . FindPeopleonPlus
Ko te whaiaronga hopea Google+ e he nui hoki te rangahau , röpú , me te hanga hononga . Kōmaka mā te kupu , te tikanga , whenua , me te ake .
17 . Robots.txt Kaitakitaki Frobee
Robots.txt , Seo Hangarau
E rave rahi i roto i te kōnae Robots.txt hapa ngāwari huna e kore e kitea ki te tangata . Rere koutou i roto i tenei kōnae taputapu me te kore koe e mohio ko te aha ka kitea e koe .
18 . GetListed
Rohe , Moz
Tenei e wehingia ana ngä tatau taputapu Seo Seo rangona rohe o aratohu rohe , me homai e koe takahanga muri actionable ki te whakaara i tō tapeke .
19 . Google Kupu matua Mahere
Kupu matua R Bisnis Investasi Online Sebagai Lowongan Kerja, Dan Peluang Usaha Murah  esearch
Ko te taputapu ki te whakakapi i te taputapu matua a Google paingia kua whakahi e etahi , engari tuku tonu te raraunga e kore e wātea ana ki hea atu .
20 . ngā tātaritanga Google
Ko te tino o te taputapu tātari wātea katoa , Google ngā tātaritanga tonu innovates me whakatakoto ana i te paerewa .
21 . Google tātaritanga API
API , tātaritanga
He nui hoki te hanga i ngā pūrongo me ngā taputapu ritenga , ka hoki hoki kukume ana i te raraunga tika ki Excel Google Tuhinga ranei te API Google tātaritanga .
22 . Google Map Kaihanga
I roto i te tahi atu mea , E āhei Map Maker Google ki a koe whai wāhi ki te mōhiohio kōpaki tūmatanui , te nei e faaite ai , ka whakaurua ki roto ki Maps Google .
23 . Ilo Google PageSpeed
Tools , raraunga , me whakaaro ki te whakapai ake i tō tere whārangi . Faatanohia te tere Whārangi kei te ki te pai , me te tūranga ngā kaiwhakamahi , kia take tenei .
24 . Raraunga Public Google
Hoi anō i te nui pātengi raraunga tūmatanui , tuku Raraunga Public Google he tīmatanga nui mo te rangahau ihirangi , infographics , me te ake .
25 . Google SERP Maramara Tool Arotautanga
Seo Hangarau , CRO Bisnis Investasi Online Sebagai Lowongan Kerja, Dan Peluang Usaha Murah E Mofo Seo ! Whakamahia tēnei taputapu ki te kite i te aha kia Puta koutou Maramara i roto i ngā hua rapu o Google . Tāpiri raraunga hanganga , te whetu arotake , me te ake .
26 . Hanganga Google Tool whakamatautau Raraunga
Hanganga Raraunga , Technical Seo
Ki te whakamahi koe i microformats tetahi atu momo o te hanganga o te raraunga ranei , ka manatoko tenei taputapu koutou tautohu .
27 . Trends Google
Kupu matua Research
Tirohia te aha ngā trending i roto i ngā hua rapu Google , ka tirohia rapu rongonui Kupu matua marau runga i te wā . He roa ngä .
28 . Tohungatuku Google
Tools Suite , Diagnostic
Riro te atanga tata he nāna , ka noho tonu Tohungatuku Google he me - i rauemi o tātaritanga , me te hauora mō ngā taputapu rangatira pae .
29 . IFTTT
Tu IFTTT hoki IF tenei , Na ka taua . Āhei te taputapu ki a koe te hanga i waenganui i ngā pāngia aunoa taupānga , rite Gmail me Twitter .
30 .
He rauemi nui noa e ngāwari āhei Infographics ki a koutou te hanga whakairoiro , me te whakakitenga o te raraunga .
31 . Internet Marketing Ninjas Tools Seo
Tools Suite
Ko te Ninjas K Bisnis Investasi Online Sebagai Lowongan Kerja, Dan Peluang Usaha Muraho etahi o te pai Seos me marketers ipurangi i roto i reira , a ka hoatu e ratou kua etahi o ratou taputapu pai te ipurangi mō te āheitanga katoa .
32 . Linkstant
Building hononga
Tenei tātaritanga taputapu nifty fakatokanga a koe wā hononga tetahi tangata ki to koutou paetukutuku . Nui mō te röpú me te kohi maramarama .
33 . Email Guesser
Email , Building Hononga
Me ki unga he email , engari e kore koutou e whai wāhi a te kaiwhiwhi ? Patohia te i roto i te mea e matau ana koutou , a ka āwhina i tenei taputapu nifty ngä koe i te reira i roto i .
34 .
Me ki unga he īmēra ki tētahi wāhitau ngawari , engari e kore koe e hiahia ki te pāme ratou ? Tirohia te tuatahi ki te pauna i tenei mēra ki te manatoko .
35 . MozCast
SERP Aroturuki , Moz
E hiahia ana ki te mohio , ki te te whakamatautau Google tona hātepe papatono tenei wiki ? Homai MozCast koe he pūrongo huarere rā, ki te aroturuki i ngā huringa i roto i te SERPs .
36 . MyBlogGuest
Building Hononga , Ihirangi
Ko te ora , me te whäinga tonu i te āheinga Blogging . Āwhina MyBlogGuest koutou kitea te huarahi pai i roto i reira .
37 . Tool Panguin
E hono ana tēnei taputapu e wehingia ana ki o koutou tātaritanga Google pūkete ki te āwhina i kite koe , ki te me te , k
SOCCERINDO AGEN BOLA ONLINE WORLD CUP 2014 kua patua e koe i te hātepe i ngā whakahōu Google .
38 . Pingdom
Tuku Pingdom katoa te huinga taputapu hei āwhina i te tātari whārangi tere kawenga , ngā take DNS , me te hononga .
39 . Piwik
Piwik he tātaritanga tukutuku otinga ono tekau , me he kē nui ki tātaritanga Google .
40 . Kaitaki rangatira mo Firefox
Aroturuki rangatira
Tenei marama , me te arowhai i ngā tūranga papamahi taputapu ngāwari ki te pāwhiri o te pātene . Tere , ngāwari , me te kore utu .
41 . Rapportive
Email , Link Building , hua
Mahi Rapportive ki tou pouaka Gmail ki te hoatu mōhiohio taonga whakapā tata - tonu koe mo tata katoa e hiahia ana koe ki te tae . A me - i hoki marketers .
42 . Tango Tūemi Tāruarua
Tuku Ontolo te huinga o te pūmanawa hanga hono me te taputapu helpfull hua torutoru mō ngā kaihanga hono . Ko te taputapu tango tārite solves he raruraru noa .
43 . Kaitakitaki Robots.txt
Robots.txt , Seo Hangarau
Whakamahi Robots mahi pai a ka kitea e hapa huna i roto i to koutou kōnae Robots.txt e kia raruraru ngokingoki engines rapu meinga .
44 . Aronuinga Kaihanga